Avira review


Avira Phantom VPN is a powerful, reliable VPN solution made in Germany. The free version contains 500 megabytes of data volume whereas the unlimited premium tariff is affordable. The monthly price is reduced for subscriptions with a longer term.

  • Protection against hackers
  • Protection against tracking
  • Circumvention of censorship measures
  • Simple handling
  • Fast servers
  • Sending of diagnostic data to the provider enabled by default






A VPN software builds a virtual private network. It encrypts your data traffic on the Internet and thus protects your anonymity. An encrypted data transfer greatly reduces the risk of a misuse of your data. That way, no one can spy out your login or online banking data.

Avira Phantom VPN user groupsAnother enormous advantage: you do not access the online content of websites directly, since your data traffic runs through an intermediate station, i.e. the server of the VPN provider. Thus, backtracing becomes much harder (if not impossible). A positive side effect is that it also becomes impossible to track information about your online activities. Therefore, you prevent websites from creating a personal profile of you for advertising purposes.

A third, very helpful feature is the possibility to “change your location” by connecting to a VPN server. If the server is located in Europe and you visit a website via this bypass, you are considered to be a European web page visitor. That means that you can view content of countries that actually block the content via geo-blocking. In countries where pages are filtered restrictively, VPN software helps to access the World Wide Web freely and unrestricted.

The Phantom’s features

Avira’s VPN software provides automatic protection in insecure networks such as cafés and airports and keeps your identity secret even in the event of a DNS leak. In case of a VPN connection failure, the emergency stop function immediately blocks all internet traffic. This is extremely important, as you would otherwise stand there utterly unprotected.

Anonymous payment without personal data

If you do not wish to reveal any personal information at all, Avira accepts payments in the crypto currency Bitcoin. The provider also guarantees not to store any log data.

Subscription terms Costs per month
1 year – multiple different devices $5.82
1 month – multiple iOS or Android devices $5.76
1 month – multiple different devices $9.25
The costs are to be paid in advance for the chosen term.


You are free to install the VPN software on up to five devices, Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. The software is available in a free version. However, in this case you only have 500 megabytes of data volume, the emergency stop feature is not included and you cannot query the technical support. You can choose between a monthly, an annual or a two-year license. In the latter cases, the monthly subscription costs are significantly reduced. A one-time test month costs $9.25, the annual license only $5.82 per month. If you want to try out the program and only need a license for Android and iOS devices you can book a tariff for $5.76 per month and remain flexible. The traffic is hardly affected by fast connections, no noticeable loss of speed occurs during video streaming.


In addition to the operating systems mentioned above, Avira also offers a browser add-on for Chrome. In public networks the tool connects automatically, in your home network you must switch on the feature manually.

Help & Support

The German company Avira is known for its great customer service: you can contact the support team by writing an e-mail or calling the hotline (the latter are available only for customers of the fee-based versions). There are also an extensive FAQ area and tutorial videos on the website and information channels in the social media.


The premium versions of Avira Phantom VPN stand up with a unique emergency stop feature that blocks all data traffic in the event of a VPN connection failure. Thus, the software protects your identity very securely. The fast transfer rates with unlimited data volume are a great plus. The customer service is satisfactory and the costs – especially for the one-year subscription – are very affordable.


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