CyberGhost review


CyberGhost's VPN client comes with a user-friendly and intuitive interface. The creation of an anonymous user account and the manual server selection stand out. In addition, you can pay anonymously and thus remain completely anonymous.

  • Optional anonymous user account
  • Optional anonymous payment
  • Manual server selection
  • No phone support






With CyberGhost's VPN client, you browse the web anonymously and access regionally blocked online content such as videos or music files. The anonymization service substitutes your IP addresses with its own IP addresses to code your connection to the Internet. Thus, your IP address remains hidden and the website operator cannot track your online activity. Furthermore, CyberGhost neither tracks your activity nor stores log files. You are being protected against attempts by authorities or secret services to access your private data. CyberGhost uses the block cipher AES in 256-bit format to encrypt the IP. You definitely benefit from high security standards here.

More than 2.200 servers worldwide

The program accesses 2.200 servers from 60 different countries to make sure you can surf the web anonymously. Each of these servers is equipped with a firewall, so you’re perfectly protected against cyber criminals.

CyberGhost offers several tariff options. The cheapest offer starts at $2.75 per month, whereby the term is three years. If you prefer a shorter subscription term, the tariff accordingly turns out slightly more expensive.

Here’s an overview of all tariffs:

Subscription terms Monthly costs
3 years $2.75
2 years $3.50
1 year $5.99
1 month $11.99


CyberGhost's VPN client circumvents the geo-blocking barriers of almost all web page content. It does so by logging you on to one of its servers which are located in many countries all around the world. CyberGhost's servers also protect your device against malware and viruses – an additional benefit.

The VPN client is available for Windows and macOS desktop operating systems, and for mobile devices equipped with Android and iOS. Other operating systems and device classes can be configured. However, you will then not use the client software but its native network functions.


Downloading and installing the CyberGhost VPN client on a Windows computer takes only a few minutes. The program automatically executes its configuration and setup, then the VPN client is ready for use. CyberGhost displays a modern user interface, the operation is self-explanatory.

The anonymous user account guarantees high security while surfing the web. You don’t need to enter your e-mail address – a user name and a password suffice. On registration you receive a PUK (personal unlocking key) which lets you access your account in case your access data is lost. It is therefore extremely important that you store the PUK in a safe place.

Very secure: anonymous payment

You can remain anonymous even during the payment transactions because in addition to credit card, PayPal or direct debit, you can pay via BitCoin or cash (in case you buy a retail version in a local store). In the latter two cases, you remain completely anonymous.

Help & Support

Comprehensive instructions on the website show you how to set up and use the VPN client. CyberGhost also provides assistance for typical usage problems, and there’s an FAQ section with answers to frequent questions. Since the program is largely self-explanatory, the provider does not offer a manual. In the "News" section, you can find information on current issues such as bugs or the unavailability of servers.

If you’re unable to resolve a problem on your own, you can contact the customer service. There are two ways to do so: contacting the support team via the chat or submitting a support ticket directly via the program. You are free to chat in English as well as in German and in French. The support staff is available around the clock.


CyberGhost's VPN client is a reliable software that encrypts IP addresses securely. No log files are being stored, so you remain unknown even to CyberGhost. The program is compatible with many operating systems and can also be used on mobile devices. The support options are helpful and comprehensive.


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