Steganos Online Shield VPN review


Steganos Online Shield VPN is a solid and secure software solution from Germany. The connections to server locations in Germany, the USA, Spain or Great Britain, among others, are encrypted via 256-bit AES. If you choose a longer subscription term, the monthly fee becomes more favorable.

  • One license for up to five devices
  • Advertising and social tracking blockers
  • Very good security standards
  • Several subscription terms available
  • Only 500 MB per month in the free version






Steganos uses the very secure 256-bit AES encryption method. The data for online banking or purchases via the Internet are thus well protected. However, it collects information about the duration and the bandwidth of the connection. Your own and your assigned IP address are not being logged.


Steganos adds still a few more features to its VPN network to create additional value for users. The speed is excellent thanks to an unlimited data transfer rate. In addition, effective advertising and tracking filters make online surfing less annoying and more relaxed experience. Cookies are being deleted automatically. You can also view location-dependent content in media libraries or YouTube videos because there are Steganos servers everywhere in the world.

The program is available in a free version. However, in that version, there are only 500 megabytes of data volume available each month. Even with merely average usage, you will reach that limit quite quickly. The premium version offers three models with annual, half-yearly and monthly payment. Annual payment is the most favorable option in the long term but requires an instant payment of $58. You are free to use one license on up to five devices, be it Windows, macOS, Android or iOS devices – very customer-friendly!

Subscription terms Monthly costs

1 month


6 months


12 months



Launching the software, you face an easy-to-understand dashboard. You can select four different scenarios:

  • Protection against hackers plus ad-free surfing
  • Secure surfing in public WLANs
  • Accessing the web via another country to avoid geo-blocking
  • Achieving maximum anonymity but accepting a loss of comfort in return

The software adjusts its settings according to your choice. We cannot imagine a more user-friendly solution. Furthermore, the software detects potential threats within the network. It is therefore particularly suitable for users who either cannot or do not want to spend much time adjusting their settings.

Help & Support

You can contact the Steganos support team via e-mail or via the help center. Make sure that you have your serial number or the download link ready when contacting the team. A stop by the user forum can also help solve some common problems and answer questions that may arise. However, a live chat is not available.


Steganos Online Shield VPN provides a secure virtual environment. The operation is frustration-free even for noobs because the practical assistant adjusts the necessary settings as required. You can use one license on up to five devices, no matter whether these are smartphones, tablets or desktop PCs, to browse the web and view international contents carefree and secure.


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