SaferVPN review


SaferVPN is a software from Israel that has enabled users since 2013 to use secure Internet connections, prevent tracking and avoid geo restrictions as well as censorship.

  • Encryption of transmitted data
  • No tracking
  • Allows avoiding geo-blocking and censorship
  • Fast servers
  • Customer service only in English






The software uses 256-bit encryption, which is considered difficult or even impossible to decode.

Many payment options, including one anonymous

Users can pay either by credit card, PayPal, or by the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. The latter allows users to remain completely anonymous. SaferVPN provides a 30-day money-back guarantee if users are not satisfied with the application.


The application can be used simultaneously on five Windows and Mac systems, as well as with iOS and Android devices. SaferVPN also offers a browser extension for Google Chrome. There is no free version with limited traffic, as it is offered by other providers. There are no limits on bandwidth or data volume. This ensures that there are no noticeable delays when streaming websites. One month costs $10.99. Users who commit for one year pay less. This reduces the monthly price to $5.49. A two-year subscription costs only $3.29 per month. The fee is invoiced in advance.

The resulting virtual private network encrypts the data and maintains the anonymity of the users. Passwords and banking data remain secure even in public networks.

The fact that when a connection is made it is not the IP address of the user, but the IP address of the provider that becomes visible, makes tracking of personal data considerably more difficult. Thus, the user’s privacy is well protected. It is almost impossible to gather information about the user.

Last but not least, SaferVPN can also be used to avoid geo-blocking. Users access content that is normally not available in their country, such as sports broadcasts.

Duration Price per month
2 years $3.29
1 year $5.49
1 month $10.99
The fee is invoiced in advance.


Thanks to the very secure 256-bit encryption the tool protects the user against data espionage in public WLAN networks. The biggest advantage is the easy operation: The tool automatically connects to suggested servers. Therefore, even a grandparent or child could use it. On the other hand, some users could be annoyed that they can’t chose a specific server in a destined country. For the average user this is not a disadvantage. Unblocking of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu works.

Help & Support

SaferVPN offers a good support service. Help is available via chat (24/7) and e-mail form. Support is only available in English. In addition, there is a blog and a help center. SaferVPN is also on social media.


SaferVPN offers a wide range of functions. The software protects the data traffic, prevents the creation of user profiles and avoids geo-blocking and censorship. The data transfer rate is high and the price is rather low, especially if the user subscribes.


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